Under construction, containing projects that are either currently in development or have been workshopped in recent years.
‘amidst dust and fractured voices’ will be an contemporary opera that explores themes of politics and memory. At the very center of the piece, a humanly constructed disaster; a terrorist attack. The collective memory, composed by the media, called ‘history’ or ‘truth’, is fractured in brief encounters with several different figures. Through their eyes and voices, their different perspectives, the makers attempt to detect an overarching political system and its connection to interhuman tragedy.
A chamber opera for soprano, clarinet, flute, violin, viola, cello and percussion. The performance will be accompanied by extensive hand drawn charcoal animations.
Team: Noriko Yakushiji (Soprano, Libretto adaptation), Yannick Verweij (Staging, Set, Costume, lighting, Libretto adaptation), Stefan Aleksić (Original text), Koji Takahashi (Music), Joske Commandeur (Animation), Cédric De Bruycker (Clarinet), Jacqueline Berndt (Flute), Hugo Ranilla de Castro (Violin), Akiko Okawa (Viola), Sinouhé Gilot (Cello), Andrés Navarro Garcia (Percussion)​​​​​​​
Project further developed in quarantine, due to COVID19 pandemic. Premiere to go ahead at the Miry Concert Hall on September 6th, 2020
'witregels' was reimagined and workshopped in spring 2019 during a short residency at LOD Muziektheater, Ghent.
'witregels' functions as an open-frame gesamtkunstwerk, devoid of obvious meaning but suggestive enough to let the spectator define its meaning themselves. Its story arc emptied of characters and dialogue, only the structure remains. The residency was fully focused on developing the staging and performance experience, thereby opening up to the possibilities of merging with forms such as expanded cinema and installation art.
Team: Sebastiaan Bax (Music, film), Yannick Verweij (Staging, design), Liza Rinkema (Dramaturgy), Silva de Waard (Soprano), Barry de Bruin (Countertenor), Jesse Brouwer (Tenor), Iolaysa Braga Tavares (Alto)
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